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 Eerie Moon Charter

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PostSubject: Eerie Moon Charter   Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:31 pm

Under an Eerie Moon
Version 11.26.10

Mission Statement
UaEM is an interactive improvisational group functioning under The World of Darkness live action role-playing rules formally published by White Wolf and also under the organizational rules/auspice of One World by Night. We seek to create an ongoing collaborative work of art using the framework of a game that lends itself well to the ancient art of storytelling. We strive to give the act of aesthetic creation precedence over traditional game related ideas of winning and losing.

Organizational Rules
This document represents the Organizational Rules of Under An Eerie Moon. These rules may not be enacted without a vote and may be similarly overturned by a vote of the membership . These rules are the guiding standards along with the bylaws of One World by Night and the House Rules of UaEM in the administration of this game. The House rules are a document that supplement the rules out of White Wolf's Minds Eye Theater for running UaEM. The house rules can only be enacted by the Executive Staff and are not eligible for votes. Consideration will be given for member concerns and suggestions to the house rules.

Executive Staff Members
The Executive Staff consists of the following:
Head Storyteller (HST) – The individual in charge of the Executive Staff and Administrator of the game. The HST must be a member of the Chronicle who was elected by vote to this position and accepted willingly by that individual. The position is held until removed by a vote of no confidence or the individual resigns.

Assistant Storyteller (AST) – Those individuals are appointed by the HST to assist in storytelling and administrating the game. These individuals are selected directly from the membership of the chronicle as necessary by the HST. AST's may be removed at the discretion of the HST, by a vote of no confidence called by the membership of the game or by resigning.

Support Staff Members
The Support Staff Members consist of the following:
Narrators – These individuals are appointed by the HST to assist the Executive Staff as necessary. The Narrators are removed by the HST at any time or resign. Narrators duties consist of helping to adjudicate challenges when there is no Executive Staff Members readily available and answer any rules questions concerning the game. No Narrator is authorized to adjudicate challenges that their PC is involved in or scenes/challenges that would or will likely result in the death of a PC.

Player Representatives (Player Reps.) - Player Reps are members elected by the membership to bring their concerns and complaints to the Executive Staff at any time. Player Reps must be officially included in any votes called by the membership as well as official complaints from the membership. Player Reps are removed by the membership by a vote or if the individual resigns. The length of service will be a 1 year term.

Membership of Under An Eerie Moon
Membership of our chronicle requires that you have an active PC based out of UaEM or are a member of the Executive Staff or Support Staff. An active PC is defined as a PC that has been portrayed at game for a three consecutive month period. UaEM accepts all players regardless of sexual orientation, gender, race, religious background, national origin or handicap. You must be 18 years old to participate. This is in place to protect us from potential threats to our game and site. Also to insure no minors are adversely affected by the violent, adult nature and possible sexual material this game can be involved with.

Votes and Types of Votes
All voting shall be conducted by ballot amongst the membership, and a vote wil be decided by simple majority. Unless otherwise stated in this charter, all votes must be called for by a member or staff and seconded to make it official. The only exception to this is when the HST calls for a vote, it does not have to be seconded. A vote must be officially announced at a main game session and will be conducted at the next main game session. Main game session happen every two weeks on Sunday. Only votes from this chronicles membership are allowed. Any member who cannot make it the day of the vote can send there vote via email at the Executive Staff's discretion.

Vote of No Confidence (VNC) – A vote called on an individual member of the Executive Staff or Player Reps when the membership is unsatisfied with their judgment or performance in their duties. Any position that has a VNC called on them and passes the vote, are immune to a VNC for a 3 month period from the date of the vote.

Vote to Change Charter – A vote can be called to change an aspect of the Charter of UaEM or the entire charter itself.

Vote of Strike on a Member – A vote for a strike may be called and seconded by the membership on any member of UaEM.

Disciplinary Rules
Under An Eerie Moon uses a strike system for disciplinary actions. This system is used to enforce repercussion for actions that break the rules or when individuals show inappropriate behavior while at game. Strikes can be placed by the HST or a vote may be called by a member and seconded by another member. Strikes are removed 6 months after they are received unless another strike is received within those 6 months. The strikes are removed one at a time or all at once. The HST has the discretion to use any disciplinary action out of order if it is warranted by the situation.

First Strike – With one strike, you become ineligible to be in the positions of Narrator and/or Player Rep. You also will be penalized with a -1 experience point to your maximum that you can receive in a month (can only earn a max of 7 xp a month)

Second Strike – With two strikes, you become ineligible to be in the positions of Narrator, Player Rep or Storyteller. You will also be penalized with a -2 experience points to your maximum that you can receive a month (can only earn 6 xp a month)

Third Strike – With three strikes, you will be banned from the game for a 6 month period.

If you wish to contest any strikes or bans, you can petition the Executive Staff to reconsider the actions taken. The HST must approve of the removal before it may happen. If you wish to do this, you must make the Executive Staff and the Player Reps aware of your request.

Site Behavior
All members are expected to follow the rules and laws of the site. We expect the members will treat the site and any occupants with a responsible and friendly attitude. This includes keeping the site clean and maintaining a mature attitude towards any individual there. All members will comply with all federal, state and local laws while at game and on the site. Disciplinary action will occur along with any other consequence that may arise from the incident.

Visiting Players to/from Under An Eerie Moon
Any member of UaEM or any visiting player to UaEM must supply a character sheet and notification that there will be traveling. This must be done by at least two days before intended travel. Any PC coming to UaEM will be subject to our house rules and guidelines. If a PC from UaEM travels to another chronicle, they are subject to the house rules and guidelines that their game uses. The HST and Executive Staff have the right to deny any visiting player, for any reason, from signing in to UaEM.
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Eerie Moon Charter
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