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 Concerning the Totem Pole

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Juno Adams

Juno Adams

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PostSubject: Concerning the Totem Pole   Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:01 pm

Juno "Words Like Wyldfire" Adams Fianna Adren Galliard Homid will make the following announcement EVERY WEEK:

There is a Totem Pole fetish that aids us in defending this holy place of Gaia!  But the only time that the Fetish is appeased is that if everyone, Visitors, Kin, and Garou, follow the Taboos in place for keeping the spirits within the totem appeased.

1. Any hunting that is done on the Caern or the Bawn, Prayer for the Prey must be performed.

2. Any plant matter that is gathered on the Caern or Bawn you must first ask permission of the plant before taking what is you need.  This does not mean you need to awaken the spirit, just being polite to the plant.

3. There is to be no deforestation on the Caern or Bawn.  Any wood that is gathered must have fallen naturally to be used.  If unsure if you need to ask permission, do so before taking the wood you need.

4. Anything that is hunted and gathered, a portion of it must be offered to the totem pole.

5. The totem pole will only work for the Caern for as long as the Caern is dedicated to one of the spirits bound to the Fetish.

Ignorance will no longer be an accepted excuse for breaking any of these Taboos.  Violators will be punished appropriately.

(This post will also be cross posted to the Eerie Moon Facebook Group.)
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Concerning the Totem Pole
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