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 Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013

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CM Crystal

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PostSubject: Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013   Mon Sep 23, 2013 11:42 pm

Here is a Round Table Recap, for the folks that weren't able to make it (or that came in late):

Retests: We're going to cap them at 4. We're -not- going by the categories that have been outlined elsewhere (Ability/Supernatural/Willpower/Merit)

Rites: We've lifted the ban on teaching out-of-tribe rites you possess to others. However, we strongly suggest you proceed with caution when doing so. There is no mercy for the dumb. When looking for spirits to empower said rites, your spirit familiar/numen isn't a viable option.

Spirit Familiars: It is taxing for them to Reform back and forth and relay messages, and they're not intended to be your telephone. Your familiar will only perform this task for you a number of times per day (1/2 the level of the familiar, rounded up). Also, please be advised - unless otherwise noted, they have no special way to communicate with individuals that do not possess Spirit Speech.

Fetishes/Talens: You may only create one fetish per story. (A story, as defined by UaEM, is one month.) You may only carry as many fetishes as you have levels of permanent Gnosis. (Theurges may carry slightly more, with their Gnosis +2) You may create your rank in talens per session.

Spirit Deals/Favors: These need to be written up on item cards and stamped. Every time. I'm not for players cashing in supposed favors they earned 3 HSTs ago when there is no one around that can possibly verify/deny such things.

Eidetic Memory, Memory Circle, etc.:
Any merits, gifts, whatnot that allow you to later recall things with perfect clarity - the details of this is wholly the player's responsibility. I recommend carrying around a small notebook. Don't ask me to remember for you - my mind plays crazy games of Mad Libs when we're filling in the blanks - and I will likely be the kindest ST to you in this. Don't tempt the fellas to write your memories...

Gift Clarifications:

Gifts/Effects that have an AOE (Area of Effect) - The 'area' will be determined by giant steps.

Mother's Touch - This gift heals on a 1 for 1 basis with the Gnosis spent.

Pulse of the Invisible
- This gift does allow you to see the dormant spirits in fetishes.

Wrath of Gaia - If you succeed in the initial test and do not flee, you do not have to make the second test to attack.

Tribal Advantages:

Silent Strider - The Strider effectively gets Danger Sense.
Uktena - When peeking, an Uktena will win on ties, and will not have to spend additional traits to utilize their other senses.

For my Fae (or Fae-ish peoples):

We would love to see some bunk cards! Bunks should be obvious and roleplay intensive - don't be a dullard and tempt me to hit you with a Banality bat.

Questions/Comments/Concerns? Hit me up!

Thanks to everyone that made it out for that 2.5 hour discussion! I love getting feedback on how to help make this game one you enjoy!


Crystal Spires
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PostSubject: Re: Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013   Tue Sep 24, 2013 12:15 am

Wrath of Gaia - Does this rule mean the second portion of the Gift never applies (i.e. if the agent of the Wyrm doesn't need to flee the scene, they are not potentially prevented from attacking the Gift-user)?

Danger Sense - Which book's write up is to be used in Under an Eerie Moon for the effects of this Merit?

Bunk Cards - Is Under an Eerie Moon enforcing the random required Bunks rules from MET: Shining Host?
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PostSubject: Re: Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013   Tue Sep 24, 2013 9:28 am

I asked about the first, re: Wrath of Gaia. They've decided not to allow the second effect, since it's not something supported by the tabletop writeup of the power.
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PostSubject: Re: Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013   

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Round Table Recap for 9/23/2013
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