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 Nights of Missing Souls

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Delfina Ramos

Delfina Ramos

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PostSubject: Nights of Missing Souls   Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:24 pm

Nights of Missing Souls is a Pittsburgh based V:tM larp. Genre is Camarilla, so we are trying to play 'nice'.... Not really.

In the words of HST Dan Devine:

"That's right, Nights of Missing Souls now has a real start date.

After conferring with my STs, we are going to start November 17th. That is a saturday, but the first game is going to be an all day event. Our plan is to start early in the day (between noon and two) and go as late as we can.

The STs will sit with players and discuss characters and get the database put together. We will be starting game that day so please come and show up, bring your friends, and their friends.

We are looking into renting a space in North Park to do all of this and we decided we'd like to do a pot luck type event. SO players can bring food to bribe the STS I mean share with everyone else, and we'll have a hell of a time.

We've discussed the schedule and we will be running a game in December as well. We'll be going on our regular schedule, so December 7th will be our second game baring winter white outs and what not.

Our normal venue will likely be the Cathedral of Learning in Oakland. This is subject to change, but we are looking for alternative sites on an as needed basis.

To give you an idea of what to expect, Basil Durand, elder of the Toreador, has put out a call to the Camarilla. Chosen by a Symposium of Princes and backed by the Ventrue Archon Marshall Esperanza, Durand has gathered together numerous groups to help wrestle the strangle hold of the Sabbat from Pittsburgh and reclaim it as a Camarillan city.

Over the last months, Durand has helped Kindred who have rallied to his banner to silently and slowly build their influences in the area in order to unleash a Tet Offensive style attack on the Sabbat. The plan is bold and will take Kindred of all kinds to pull it off. Territory, title, and status have all been promised to those that would fight and die for this conquest. Even Anarch and Independent Kindred are welcome to Durand's war party, being offered a chance to coexist in Camarillan territory so long as they abide by Camarilla Law. It will be a dark night, and many souls will go missing... will you partake or will you be lost?

So thanks to Kelly and Mike Doefler we have the 2nd floor of the boathouse at North Park for our game on the 17th. So ideally we'll get started at noon."

If y'all can make it we would love to have you! Like I said at the game, going ORG is something that will be left up to the players! this is the first game, so please please please show up if you can and are interested!

We have a facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/212085142255389/

We have a website at:

Please submit character sheets to the ST email beforehand! That way we can at least look it over for any issues.
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Nights of Missing Souls
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