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 Tend Thyself

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PostSubject: Tend Thyself   Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:22 pm

Do not assume anything. This is not a Free Forum game. This is an Org game in OWbN.

Assumption is a trend the staff is seeing. We will spell some stuff out here.

Things that are No-nos:

Assuming you can obtain information via any means. It isn't hard to send us an e-mail with a "I'm doing X. Can I get Y?" This DOES NOT inhibit roleplay.

Narrating for NPCs tied to your characters for anything out of the normal. This includes kinfolk, spirits and anything else forever without running it by an ST. Can you say, "PC-X is hanging out and his kinfolk are with him. They are playing cards and stuff."? Yes you can. Can you say "MY kinfolk go all black ops and broke into your house and did this stuff." without ST adjudication? Heck no.

Don't dictate for other people. This will cause unrest. Check with them first. It's only an e-mail. It isn't hard folks. If you can't be bothered with thtat phrase things as "If X takes me to/ does/ attends to/ any-verb Y I will Z." Then you can wait for that person to say if they do or not.

~The Staff
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Tend Thyself
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