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 Breaking News

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Virgil Vikos

Virgil Vikos

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PostSubject: Breaking News    Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:16 pm


The Occupy Providence movement was shattered with unexpected tragedy today when 154 of the protesters jumped off a nearby bridge, drowning in the Providence River.

The movement started peacefully with a march of nearly 1000 people. At the end of the march, approximately 200 of the marchers set up residence in Burnside park, stating their intent to stay as long as it takes "to build a society by, for and of the people." Demonstrations continued, with a number of protesters speaking to the assembled crowd.

At approximately 3pm, 154 of the protesters walked four blocks to the nearby College St bridge. Witnesses say that one of them jumped onto the rail and declared that they were the 'children of the 1%' and that 'if any change was going to happen, they would have to be the ones to make the sacrifice.' All 154 protesters then leapt off the side of the bridge, drowning in the river below.

Police have made no official comment, but a source in the department confirmed that all 154 victims were either students or faculty at Brown University, which has been a hotspot of activity for the Occupy movement in the last several days.

The remaining protesters were disbanded by police after questioning about the incident. There is no word on whether or not the protests will resume.
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Breaking News
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