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 Board Rules

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PostSubject: Board Rules   Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:37 pm

OOC Rules:

1. Use common sense. It is your friend.
2. Keep OOC talk to a minimum in the IC threads. We have an OOC section for you. Promise!
3. What the ST's final say, goes. Though we'll try not to interrupt your scene.
4. If a Mod or Storyteller tells you to hold a scene, please hold the scene.
5. The rules set herein always stand and will be enforced by all Staff members.  Staff members found  not in compliance with these rules will be dealt with by the ST staff, privately.
6. If a change of ST staff is in effect, the Staff is required to review these rules as per OWbN ByLaws, as they are an extension of the House Rules. Any changes should be noted below by responding to this post.
7. All Users must read and understand these rules. No Exceptions. Lack of knowledge of these rules is not a valid defense.
8. Players must use new user names, for new characters. This is in case we have further plots for old characters.
9. STs from other games are invited to make handles to review PC interactions from their games. Likewise, visitors are encouraged to make handles to join in on the roleplay.
10. The Forums are the primary source of information. When information is imperative for game play, it will be cross posted to the e-mail list.
11. Please Note: When logged in to the forums, you are signed into Under an Eerie Moon. This means that the House Rules & Charter applies too.

RP Rules:

1. Check the time stamp on the First Post. Then, check the whole body of the thread for the 'time' count. This will give you an idea of 'when' it is happening.
NOTE: Unless given prior permission by the ST Staff, do not pre/post date scenes by more than 1-2 days.  This leads to time problems (i.e. "If I'd known he did that days ago, I would've done this differently.")and can be a headache for all involved.
2. Character Death, Summons, etc. will be worked out between STs and then a decision on whether to time stop the scene for LARP play or continuation via Message Board will be made and posted.
3. Sexual interaction between PCs on the public posting areas is prohibited. Private e-mails, Private Messages, and other things like that are acceptable. The STs and Public do not want to see your 'naughty, naughty play.'
4. Please make sure your R&U Character is completely registered before posting.
5. Leaving players hanging is a bad idea. Real life issues do come up. We all understand.
6. Likewise, Patience is a Virtue. Some people post more than others. It happens.
7. If you normally do not roleplay on the forums, and are needed for a scene, then a time stop may occur.
8. Not everyone can get online. Expecting people to is silly. So if you need them, contact the ST list, and we can give the player a heads-up. If that doesn't work, wait until game.
9. Please do not retcon yourself into a scene without discussing it with a ST first. If you do add yourself to a scene, but neglect to discuss with the STs about your character's presence prior to your entry, then you should assume to be joining at the moments of and/or after the post prior to yours.

Remember, gift usage and ability usage to determine/interact should be run through the storytellers first.  This includes the usage of Etiquette to modify posts.  Spelling errors aside, to completely change what you say in a thread after someone has already responded can damage the flow of conversation/RP and causes a whole chain of edits.
Resolution of Challenges:
There is no combat on the boards. Players engaging in combat on the boards will be time-stopped until the next session of UaEM, or until all sheets can be proxied and a resolution reached.  Any non-combat challenges can be handled by emailing your chops to the ST crew.  


1. Your HST is Crystal Spires.
2. Your two ASTs are Jay Shannahan and Andrew Kelly.
3. The Web Admin has control of all parts of the boards.
4. Staff who are online and help to moderate the forums will have extra privileges beyond normal entry.

On-line Staff:

1. Any ST can provide you with any forum assistance.
2. Admin - for your forum needs.
3. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] - for communicating for the staff as a whole.

All Users:

1. Please only use your character or personal login name for personal posts.
2. Please post under the correct character login for character interaction.
3. Please post only in the appropriate forums. Any post not deemed appropriate for that forum will be moved by an ST or Admin.

GOWbN Interactions:

1. Common Sense, again!
2. Renown from other games, brought here or to the IC mailing list, will be reviewed by the storytellers for exact cost.
3. House Rules for Under an Eerie Moon will be available once they are voted on and approved. All changes will be listed under the initial posting.
4. The signature space is for character specific information. You may also add a small quote to the end of it. Your character information must come first.
a. Name
b. Deed Name
c. Breed
d. Auspice
e. Tribe
f. Tribal Rank (If Any)
g. Pack (If any - if not please note as 'Packless')
h. Pack Rank (If any)
i. Home Sept (If any - if not please list 'Anruth')
j. Sept Ranks (If any)
k. Rank
l. Physical Characteristics that stick out.

Note on Signatures: If you list more specific information in your signature that is not for general consumption, label it thusly.  Example -  Shadow Lord Only: Clout  or  Black Furies Only: Freebooter.  While players should not assume to have knowledge of everything in another PC's signature, we strongly encourage the application of common sense in what you post.

Special Thanks: Thank you to Capital Rage & R:PG for a guideline for following forum rules. Both games were instrumental in assisting with the development of proper guidelines.
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Board Rules
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